Stay ahead of competition with the right partner

We at NOVENT CONCEPTS take customer centric, problem and solution oriented software development to the heart. Bringing at the same time software quality and delivery to the next level. We are confident in channeling the best of breed worldwide standard solutions and systems to a custom tailored, thoroughly selected toolset to build your very own advancement over your competitors. One of our core insight and part of our dna is that we know time to market for any business change is vital and elementary in the competitive landscape. Therefore we pride ourself to deliver high class wholesome software solutions on time and react to any new requirement in a fast paced but at the same time thoroughly thought through way. Read on @Roadmap

Product leadership

Here at NOVENT CONCEPTS our team develops one of a kind business products for our customers. Creating a core differentiator to lead their business ahead of competition. Frequent adaption to upcoming new or changed business need are seemless integrated into wholesome products and apps. Our products are turnkey solutions which come with every need part for your success. That includes web applications, data storage, analytic platform, data science, event data ingestion, ETL pipelines, master data management, deployment, monitoring. Read on @Products

Some of these best of breed products are: Global Design In Tracking (GDIT), Global Wafer Map Transfer - Process - Access (GQITPA), Trading Market Analysis and Research Platform (TMARP)

Customer centric and business focused

At our core we thrive to fullfill any advanced business need of our customers and clients. There we take the customers themself, the business problem faced and the competitor environment framed at their root. Going from there at any direction to remove obstacles, distractions and ambiguities. Pursuing the best possible outcome for our customers in dimension time, consistency and ... Read on @Customers

Some customers we helped to stay competitve and successful: Nxp, Nexperia, S Broker, Inopha, ...

Best in class partner

With Ramazan Yavuz, founder of Yavuz IT Cosnulting, we created a partnership which open astonishing new possibilities in craft sharing, vision development and consitent persuance of upcoming capabilities. The impact of working together has been huge in 2021 and will be even greater in 2022 and the years to come. With such a success in partnership we are on our way of building a new company CryptNG. Tackling upcoming technologies and principles in the crypto blockchain space. Read on @Partner

Technology leadership and embracement

We at NOVENT CONCEPTS develop, participate and train current and upcoming breakthrough technologies. Generating new revenue for our customers by enabling new business areas with fast paced automation, seamless integration and optimzed cost base to reduce process friction, technological constraints and business limitations. Read on @Technologies

Some technologies we work with: Kafka, Redis, .Net, Ember, C#,...

Fintech and Crypto engagement

Our Fintech engagement is one of the more recent endaviours we More @ CryptNG Website

Reputation and experience

Over twenty years of professional business experience providing state of the art software products to my customers in direct communication on business leader level.

Successfully managed more than 10 software product developments and placements and over 10 full scale IT infrastructure projects with 20 different companies and businesses.

Long time experience in semiconductor, financial and real estate sectors within production, controlling, sales, marketing, service and R&D segments.

Enabling many new business areas by providing cost effective and secure BI, Supply-Chain and opportunity tracking solutions.

Worked with many heterogeneous, worldwide and multi-cultural teams to establish full stack “best of breed” applications.